Introduction to Motivational Interviewing: Two Day Intensive Training, June 2014 in Munich, Germany

Friday, June 27, 2014
Saturday, June 28, 2014

Training: 8:30am – noon
Lunch (on your own): Easy walking distance
noon – 1:00pm
Training: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Registration fee until
May 1, 2014:
Professionals - €198
Students* - €99

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May 1, 2014:
Professionals - €220
Students* - €110
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Munich, Germany, June 2014

Motivational Interviewing is a way of communicating with people that will help increase their likelihood to change problematic behavior. Part of the premise of Motivational Interviewing is that everyone has the capacity to lead a healthy and productive life, and to make healthy changes. Although most people change without any assistance, some need assistance to do so. Motivational Interviewing is a set of communication skills to help guide someone towards their own internal resources and to help strengthen those individual resource towards behavior change.

Motivational Interviewing believes in treating others with respect and high regard and always has the other person’s wishes at heart, no matter how difficult it can be to see others make unhealthy choices. There is no persuasion, no confrontation, and no arguing for someone to make changes. It is ALWAYS up to the person to decide if they want to make a change or not. No one can make or force someone else to change!

Anyone can be trained to use Motivational Interviewing!

This Motivational Interviewing introductory workshop will offer a basic level of information on the fundamental spirit, principles and methods of Motivational Interviewing (MI). Instruction will include demonstration of applying MI in working with adolescents and adults with mental health or substance use concerns, as well as other health behavior change. The format of the workshop will be interactive in nature, and participants will be afforded an opportunity to directly observe, experience, and practice basic MI skills. This training is appropriate for Mental Health Clinicians, Prevention Specialists as well as Medical Practitioners.

Specifically, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the spirit, principles and methods of Motivational Interviewing.
  • Be informed of the normal processes involved in behavioral change and the role of motivation, ambivalence, and stages of change.
  • Learn and practice communication skills that are useful in developing trusting and collaborative relationships with clients, and that help increase their interest in making changes.
  • Learn strategies that help individuals
    • Address ambivalence regarding problematic behavior
    • Discover their own reasons for making positive changes
    • Build confidence in their ability to make changes
    • Reduce defensiveness and resistance to change
    • Prepare to change, and begin to take steps towards positive change.
  • Learn how to learn Motivational Interviewing from the clients you serve!

Professionals who have attended our trainings in the past: social workers, psychologist, counselors, physicians,
nurses, nutritionists, professors, health educators, and dietitians.


Cecilia van Zyl, LCSW, Mental Health Therapist & Substance Abuse Specialist

Cecilia has conducted over 60 Motivational Interviewing training events, from guest lectures, university faculty/staff brief trainings and talks, to one, two and three day trainings. She consistently receives positive feedback from her training participants; many of her introductory training participants return to one of her advanced level trainings. Cecilia has provided many tailored trainings to different Universities in the US, including George Washington University Counseling Center, The College of Charleston, and Virginia State Universities Prevention and Intervention faculty/staff. In addition she has conducted national MI trainings on several occasions for social workers, psychologist, psychiatrists, counselors, physicians, nurses, nutritionists, professors, parole officers, community services board staff, health educators, and dietitians. Cecilia has also presented at a number of conferences including for the Virginia Dietetic Association "A Startegy of the Nutritional Care Process" APPLE Conferences for the University of Virginia Center for Alcohol and Substance Education both in Charlottesville, VA and Phoenix, AZ, and at an Alcohol Beverage Control Conference in Virginia.

Cecilia has been trained to provide MI supervision and is Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) trained. As a consultant she reviews recorded sessions, codes MI work, and provides regular feedback concerning progress and growth areas using MI.

Cecilia started her MI career working at the Medical College of Virginia Commonwealth University (MCV) for the Department of Addiction Psychiatry as a clinical graduate research assistant providing MI to HIV/AIDS substance abusing clients and participated in research studies for smoking cessation and HIV/AIDS medication adherence.

Cecilia has been providing MI interventions for the past ten years and particular likes to work with resistant clients and those who feel stuck. She has taught University classes on Substance Abuse Interventions with Diverse Populations, as well as Practicum Counseling Classes. She has been an active member of MINT since 2006.

Cecilia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been in the substance abuse and mental health field since 2002. Cecilia has 10 years of clinical experience and has worked in a variety of settings including: is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Virginia, USA and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Masters degree in Social Work (Clinical). Her graduate training concentrated on studying psychotherapy theory and practice, recognizing the social and economic environments in which people evolve. She has 10 years clinical experience including working in a psychotherapy office, hospital setting, nursing home and a university counseling center. She received all her psychotherapy training in the US and ran her own psychotherapy practice there before moving to Germany.

In addition to working as a mental health therapist Cecilia trains other clinicians to assist them working with their clients, and is a trained mediator and she received my Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) training in Germany and completed her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teachers' training.: