Trainees Feedback:

"I have attended other MI trainings, yours was the best by far."

“A wonderful experience.”

“The workshop was very informative and I felt better equipped to work with my clients and utilize these important skills.”

“Great to practice.”

“The practice session/examples were very helpful as well as seeing things in role-plays, good videos also.”

“Great feedback tools, extremely helpful, I cannot wait to try it.”

“The role plays and teaching the class was very helpful.”

“I loved playing and practicing. Thank you!”

“The workshop should be definitely be offered again!”

A Training Sample Feedback:

Speakers Encouraged Participation: Strongly Agree 8/9

Speaker Provided Helpful Feedback: Strongly Agree 8/9

Speaker Created a Learning Environment: Strongly Agree 9/9

Workshop should be offered again: Strongly Agree 8/9